Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Rules for Married Life

  1. Never shout on each other solve the problem by discursion otherwise break up but no quarrel like animals.
  2. To err is human so don't consider the partner as more than a human try to understand his/her problem by putting yourself at his/her place.
  3. Don't be possessive! Only be requesting. Remember! Not being oppressive does not mean being submissive.
  4. Don't expect anything from your spouse. If you want to be independent just don't depend on him/her for your work. Do it yourself. ;-)
  5. If something in your spouse annoys you then instead of getting irritated think logically about whom between you two, must change. If logic says that your spouse must change then tell it to him/her peacefully in a calm environment. Also help him/her in the process of changing.