Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recursive religious behaviour.

Religious people who believe in God, tend to leave there problem to God without analysing them in depth. This lack of analysis lead to baseless fear from the problems which could be easily solved, or in some cases not problems at all. This fear blocks the analytical power of the person and forces him to take refuge in God's belief.

Now since most of the problems are easy or not problem at all they get resolved with little or no effort and the credit goes to the God. Every time the credit for solving any problem goes to the God, the belief gets stronger and now even if they suffer from some problems they blame themselves for their sins but keep believing in God.

The more they believe, the more they turn towards the God when they encounter any problem in their life. This cycle goes on and on until you take charge and start analysing things and try to solve them yourself instead of going and asking help from the God.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A hypothesis on elementary particles.

I think elementary particles are like bubbles in the space. If you keep shooting them with higher and higher energies, they will keep breaking into smaller and smaller particles.

Still no mass will be found because as I have stated earlier that mass is nothing but space taken by these bubbles (particles).

May be neutron stars and black holes are nothing but a giant unified bubbles where as other objects like stars and planets are only a big bunch of small bubbles.

I still need to learn a lot before I could theorise any of these hypothesis but I believe this can answer many unanswered questions.