Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Security by Obscurity

Security of proprietary systems is sometimes the security by obscurity, which is in deed not real security. It is just like a treasure hidden inside a maze. It is hard to find but not too hard.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


It might be next to impossible but not impossible to loose one's individuality. Actually it is our individuality which saparate us from The God.

Use of "The Soul of the Universe", to indicate the God, was really the beauty of the book, "The Alchemist". It actually says that God is no saparate thing. God is the soul of the universe and we are the a part of it. The misery is that we never try to feel that we can mingle in the soul of the universe to become the God itself.

The shepherd of The Alchemist did that and thus he could control the nature because he mingled with the soul of the world. As our soul controls our body, soul of the world controls the world.

So! When you loose your individuality you can control the universe but then you no more remain just a human being.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Universe is too big for even the imagination. But still human ego sometimes beat it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jaane Kyuu... Aisa Lagta Hai...

Jaane Kyuu... Aisa Lagta Hai... Jaise aasmaan gulabi ho gaya hai... aur sunahre baadalon se bikharti moti si boondon ne dharti ka daaman hara kar diya hai...

Jaane Kyuu... Aisa Lagta Hai... Jaise tum kisi jhurmut ke peeghe se mujhe dekh rahi ho... Aur man hi man meri vikalta par muskura rahi ho...

Jaane Kyuu... Aisa Lagta Hai... Mujhe kuchh mil gaya hai... ye saara sansaar... ab koi prateeksha nahin rahi kyonki ye maarg hi mera gantavya ban gaya hai...

Jaane Kyuu... Aisa Lagta Hai... Jaise sabkuchh to tha mere paas... jo nahin hai wo ane wala hai... aur jo hai wo kahin chhoot jane ko hai... fir maine kyon bhatkun... kyon ashant sa vicharta rahun jabki mere paas to saara sansaar hai.

Parashuram killed his real mother!

Parashuram killed his real mother and then mow down the whole Hehey dynasty. After several years later at the Dhanush Yagya, Shree Ram himself praised Parashuram.

Now what I want to discuss is whether we should blindly fallow our parents or we should give them a lesson too, if they need it?

I think if only being elder has been a proof of being correct then we would have still living in the stone age. Elders have experience and that can be a advantage sometimes but not always. You might have heard the proverb "Doodh ka jala chhach ko bhi foonk kar peeta hai". Many times bad experience make us a coward and stop us to experiment with life which can give us a positive direction too.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

I have seen this question in many communities and all the time posted by some girl. Why?

Actually these girls want to choose their life partners themselves because they are self dependent they take all decisions themselves but the way parents have given them the teachings they are always in doubt so they always try to reassure themselves that arrange marriage is better.

I think neither love marriage nor arrange marriage is good. There should be another type of marriage that is "sync marriage" marry someone whom you know and with whom you feel the most comfortable. Love can be and illusion created by attraction or infatuation. Arrange marriage is a lottery. So! Both can fail while understanding can never fail.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Deities, Incarnations and The God

There is a huge difference between The God, Incarnations and deities like Gayatri maa. Let's understand them one by one backwards.

Deities like Gayatri are nothing but the representation of some set of philosophies. Gayatri is basically the name of a 'Chhand' (type of verse form). The deity Gayatri is the sculptural or pictorial representation of the philosophies explained by the Gayatri Mantras.

When someone embodies a deity into his or her life then the person or the people are called the incarnation of that deity. This is one of the reason that most of the incarnation are the form of Vishnu. There are few incarnation of Mahakaal but as much as my limited knowledge say, there is no incarnation of Brhma. One can operate the world, one can also distruct it to some extent but none can generate. Things can be converted to other forms only. No construction or absolute destruction is possible that is why there is no incarnation of Brahma.

The God:
The God is beyond any definition that is why Hrigveda didn't even name it. I don't have the book at this time and I don't want to quote that 'Hricha' with spelling mistakes to I am just stating the meaning of it. It says about many properties of the God and then askes "Kasmai Devay Havishavidhem" (Which such deity we should worship). It also has the answer in itself "Kah asmai Devay Havishavidhem" ('Kah' such deity we should worship). In the vedic era 'Kah' was used in algebra similar to the 'X' now a days.

So! Indirectly Hrigveda says that we just know a part of the God. None can explain you about the God even if it become known.