Friday, September 24, 2010

Theories that need to be unified.

Space can unify many theories but to accomplish that we need to understand that space is not void.

There are many theories and facts which seem to be different but really very tightly connected. I am enlisting them here for future reference:
  1. Light is affected by the geometry of space (gravity).
  2. Gravity is proportional to the mass of the matter.
  3. Mass is an unknown property. We are only expecting the Higgs to be found at LHC. But, if I am not going in wrong direction then we will never find Higgs. See: Higgs Boson
Now let us have a look at another fact. These are the entities which can pass through an absolute vacuum:
  1. Magnetic Flux
  2. Electric Flux
  3. Light
  4. Gravity
First three are already unified under Electromagnetism, fourth is known to be affected by geometry of space. This is nothing but a great clue that space is not void but something that needs to be studied because it has the key to unification of all these theories:
  1. Electromagnetic propagation
  2. The source of mass in matter
  3. Quantum Field Theory (Casimir Effect)
  4. Acceleration in the expansion of the universe. (Dark Matter/Dark Energy)

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