Friday, December 11, 2009

Mass Space Equivalence

Let's take a hypothetical modal of the universe. In this modal we have two analogies:
  1. Water is analogous to the space in real world.
  2. Bubbles of water vapor analogous to the matter in the real world.
Now when water vapor will change into water; only the energy, being released; will be measurable because we have no way to measure space(water in this case). Nobody will say that water vapor (matter) is converting into water (space). People will say that water vapor (matter) is converting into energy.

Now let's talk about the real world. Same as the above example, the space is intangible to us, so when mass converts into space; we only see the energy getting released and thus we say that mass is convertible into energy.

Currently this is only my hypothesis, I want to research on this, if I could get a chance.

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